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Traction Motors as it is proven historically are the major contributors to maintenance costs for railways and locomotive owners around the globe. That is why traction motors are known as none ending nightmare among the railways and transit authorities. Getting over this major issue demands the high quality products backed with extensive technical knowledge on the field.

Manufacturing Capability:

Supco Canada Railway Supply is capable to manufacture brand new traction motors and armatures that could be interchanged with EMD® D77/D78/D87/D90/D100 and D78/D87BTR Traction Motors and GE® 761/752 AG/AH traction motors. These traction motors are made in strict compliance to OEM specifications and being used widely by first class railroads.

Our capability includes but not limited to:
  • Fabrication of the Frame – Casting and complete CNC Machining
  • Manufacturing the Main and Interpole Coils with Silicone or Mica Technology
  • Manufacturing Armature Laminations, Coil Supports, Shafts, Commutators
  • Complete winding of armature
  • Manufacturing all bearing parts
  • Assembly and test of Traction Motors to OEM Specifications
Supco Canada Railways Supply Group is a quality provider of remanufacturing services for rotating electrical apparatus for Rail and Mass Transit including the Traction Motors. With combined experience of over half a century, our reputation is synonymous with high quality products, dependable remanufacturing services and exceptional customer service. We upheld an exemplary tradition of professionalism, integrity and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

By utilizing progressive technical methods and efficient manufacturing processes, we supply a wide array of high quality, reliable and cost effective traction motors to our domestic and international clients.

We are committed to deliver professional re-manufacturing services, attentiveness to details, responsiveness to customers’ needs and flexibility to deliver effective and reliable solutions to the transit industry.

Our sales commitment is not over by shipping the re-manufactured unit out of the door but we trace the traction motors and scan them to identify the reasons for failures and provide preventative maintenance solutions along with custom modification to our repair procedure to solve the unique problems for each client.

We are capable of re-manufacturing all type DC and AC Traction motors including but not limited to EMD, GE, AEG, BRUSH, HITACHI, … to OEM specification.

Additional Capabilities:

We recognize that a wide range of traction motor components are no longer fully supported by theOEM. We are also aware of the fact that OEM supplied parts are remarkably at a high cost due to overhead expenses of OEM manufacturers.

To help our valued customers, we initiated a dedicated technical and precise manufacturing programs to fabricate these components to OEM specifications in order to ensure the availability of high quality parts and subassemblies, necessary for overhaul or complete re-manufacturing of various traction motors.

By implementation of this task over many years of active engagement in the re-manufacturing field, we are now capable of manufacturing a wide variety of traction motor parts from as OEM replacements to quality that even exceeds OEM design.

EMD® and GE® are registered trademarks for Electro-Motive Diesel Inc. and General Electric Company. Supco Canada Railway Supply is neither authorized EMD® and GE® distributor nor otherwise associated or affiliated with EMD® and GE®. The EMD® and GE® models or part numbers used in our literatures are for identification purpose only. There is no intent to represent these models or parts as made by OEM unless explicitly identified in product description. However Supco Canada Railway Supply confirms and represents that its replacement parts, components and sub-systems are compatible with such made by EMD® and GE®.